Walk 4 Hearing
Greater Illinois Title Company raised money for our coworker Monica Pruess. GIT had a “jean day” where our employees donated to wear jeans in honor of Monica and her daughter, Ellie. With these funds it placed Monica, her family and team in 1st place in the Chicagoland area with having the most funds raised at an astonishing amount of $6,146 which surpassed Monica’s goal of last year’s amount of $2,725! Chicago alone raised over $62,000 at the event.


Monica shared a story with GIT about her daughter.
“Early in the spring, my husband was cutting grass outside and was wearing his wireless earbuds to listen to music. When he came in, my daughter noticed the headphones and then touched her hearing aids. We realized she knew that she had them and others did not. So, I looked into getting her a doll with hearing aids. Here is a picture of her when she sees her doll with hearing aids.”

Over the years, the walk has raised funds for the Hearing Loss Association of America. This past year each team was given the choice to choose where a portion of their donations go. With the donations Team Ellie collected were donated to the Foundation for Hearing and Speech Resources (FHSR). With the funds raised they contribute to their Loaner Hearing Aid Program, Literacy Programs, Music Education Initiatives, and Advocacy and Awareness.
The overall goal of the programs FHSR creates, and funds are to level the playing field for children living with hearing loss, so they have the same opportunities as their hearing peers.

For more information on this organization, you can visit https://www.fhsr.org