About Greater Illinois Title

As the largest title agency in Illinois, Greater Illinois Title Company provides a single point of contact for all title and closing related services.

Our mission is to view all customers as partners in business. Customizable products and services provided by experienced professionals help GIT customers attain greater efficiency, tighter production times and forward-thinking responses to smooth out the closing process.

GIT has embraced new technology to strengthen its core business and provide assurance to regulators and clients that data and network assets remain safe and secure and that people and systems protect confidentiality.

Since 1985, GIT has been providing the Chicago metropolitan area with an innovative range of title and closing related services. Through its production capabilities, the company can handle any transaction in Illinois and throughout the country. We put our resources to work to ensure that every transaction we conduct ends with a successful closing.

Genuine, reliable and innovative professionals that deliver excellence in customer service. That’s our commitment to every customer we are honored to serve.
  • FOCUS on Gateway Agents

    Gateway Agents: Grow Your Practice

    Greater Illinois Title Company views attorneys as our partners in business.

    Our Gateway Services Program for Attorney Agents will help you lower your costs, increase your revenue, streamline the way you do business and help you enhance involvement with your clients. Priority handling of title work and closing appointments coupled with experienced and attentive professionals will result in meeting your closing deadlines.

    GIT provides competitive agent retention fees, new tech solutions, exclusive discounts for everyday products and the professionalism and integrity that you expect.

    GIT can help you expand your business, increase your bottom line and maximize a positive connection with your clients.

    We help you succeed.

  • FOCUS on Buyers and Sellers

    We protect Your American Dream

    Purchasing a home can be filled with anxiety and lots of questions.

    Greater Illinois Title Company provides expert title insurance services for the safe and efficient transfer of real property by maintaining the highest standards in the industry. We exceed the standards set by the American Land Title Association’s Best Practices which illustrate to consumers a company’s professionalism and integrity. This helps you have a positive and compliant real estate settlement experience.

    GIT wants you to make an informed choice when it comes to title insurance and related services. That’s why GIT is committed to stringent policies and data confidentiality to give you peace of mind during the settlement process. We’re working behind the scenes to ensure that your closing goes smoothly.

    For over 28 years GIT has been protecting the American Dream for homeowners across Illinois.

    We’re proud to serve and protect.

  • FOCUS on Lenders

    Smooth Closings: We Make It Happen

    With constant change in the lending environment, you need flexibility and professionalism in the handling of all your closings.

    Information moves fast, regulatory policies change, clients are more demanding. The closing process takes resources, market expertise and streamlined procedures. GIT meets the demands of you and your borrowers.

    Customizable products and services provide enhanced efficiency, tighter production times and closing teams with many years of local market expertise.

    New technologies at GIT have made significant improvements in its work flow which means our resources are put to work for you and your clients. Security policies and standards are in place ensuring that people and systems protect confidentiality.

    GIT performs closings on an extended and flexible schedule convenient to your borrowers.

    Genuine professionals – excellence in customer service -- solid innovation. GIT delivers.

  • FOCUS on Real Estate Agents

    Real Estate Agents: We understand your needs

    GIT understands the time demands put on real estate professionals. You need to have your deals closed, on-time, with no surprises.

    In today’s fast-paced market, you need a title services partner that is tech savvy, quick to adapt and provides the tools and experience you need to get deals closed.

    Information is power. GIT is the leader in real estate information services to the real estate community.  Property information and transactional data products put vital facts at your fingertips.  GIT keeps current with changes in your business with active involvement in your Realtor® Associations.

    We understand that nothing happens in your world until that deal closes. That’s why we’ve put our resources to work to ensure that every transaction we handle ends with a successful closing. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

    GIT moves at Realtor® speed.

  • FOCUS on Commercial

    Commercial Title insurance has special requirements. We're here to help.

    Time is money. And no one recognizes that more than Greater Illinois Title Company.

    Whether you are working a one-time deal, a multi-site or multi-state transaction, condo conversions or a new construction or rehab development, the GIT team of commercial title insurance professionals will be by your side, step by step, to help your deal stay on track and get it to the closing table.

    Our team of skilled, experienced and reliable professionals will accommodate projects of any size. Creative underwriting and experienced escrow personnel will breathe new life into your transaction by anticipating problems to ensure that closing deadlines are met.

    We’ll help you with the paperwork and walk you through the process. That’s our commitment to you and to every customer we are honored to serve.

    We’ll lend you a helping hand when you need it most.

  • FOCUS on Government Agencies

    We help Government Agencies turn problems into revenue solutions

    We believe in strong public-private partnerships

    Greater Illinois Title Company is uniquely qualified to provide title insurance services for government agencies.

    As an approved vendor for national, state, county and local public entities, GIT has an exceptional track record of performing the title services required by government. The company’s production staff is comprised of a dedicated RTS Department with separate staff to perform searching, examining and research to insure compliance with government service demands.

    GIT’s expertise with publicly funded projects, government contract requirements and its distinctive production capabilities make it a clear choice for government title services contracts.

    We provide added value for public needs.

NEWS and Announcements

GIT Announces Formation of NTSG™

GIT announced that it has formed a new division, the National Title Services Group ™ (NTSG) to streamline its growing national business through a separate business unit. 

EZ Dec Being Replaced By MY Dec

On June 16, 2014, MyDec at tax.illinois.gov, an online Real Property Transfer Tax Declarations program, will become available. 


GIT Sponsors IMBA Golf Outing

Greater Illinois Title proudly sponsored a hole at the Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association Golf Outing last week. 


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