Join us on the journey to make a smooth closing a reality for your clients.

Partnerships are built upon a foundation of trust, respect and excellence in customer service, which is the core philosophy of our Gateway Attorney agent program.

From your initial account setup, you will notice that GIT does things differently. We go the extra mile to assign you to an Account Representative as well as a dedicated Gateway Agent team that will ensure that your agent approval is compliant with State regulations and can be promptly completed online.



Greater Illinois Title Company views attorneys as our partners in business.

Our Gateway Services program for Attorney Agents will help you lower your costs, increase your revenue, streamline the way you do business and help enhance your involvement with your clients.

GIT will work in synergy with you to streamline your processes and maximize growth opportunities within your practice.

Let GIT Help you Grow Your Practice!


GIT Services:

  • Priority handling of title work and closing appointments coupled with experienced and attentive professionals will result in meeting your closing deadlines.
  • GIT provides competitive agent retention fees, new tech solutions, exclusive discounts for everyday products and the professionalism and integrity you expect.
  • GIT can help you expand your business, increase your bottom line and maximize a positive connection with your clients. We help you succeed.
  • Through EC Purchasing, GIT can offer you special discounts with top companies such OfficeMax®, FedEx®, UPS®, Staples®, Hertz®, Verizon wireless® and many more. Contact your GIT account manager for details or email us at


Concierge Service for Attorneys

The Greater Illinois Title Company Client Services Team™ is a “concierge service” for Attorneys. The goal of the Client Services Team™ is to provide an extra level of Excellence in Customer Service (ECS) to those Gateway Agents of GIT that have unique problems or who may be unaware of the products and services provided by GIT.

The goal of the Client Services Team ™ is to solve customers’ problems.

The Client Services Team™ will respond to unique inquiries of Gateway Attorney Agents and will provide assistance to address certain customer issues. Some of the services to be provided by the Client Service Team™ include assisting with closing appointments, obtaining of condo or HOA letters, simple title clearance matters, hold harmless letter requests, obtaining a copy of prior title policy, obtaining municipal transfer stamps, getting trust documents executed, pay taxes, and a variety of other tasks or problems to reduce the effort required by a Gateway Agent to get a problem solved.

Excellence in Customer Service is a corporate strategy of GIT. The Client Services Team™ will take control of the situation, email or text clients with status updates and guide clients to the resolution of the problem.

The GIT Client Services Team will assure that our Gateway Agents receive the highest level of Excellence in Customer Service provided by any company in the market. That is our goal and one in which GIT will work to deliver on a daily basis.

The Client Services Team™ can be reached at or by calling 312.264.4700.

At Greater Illinois Title Company, we view our attorney agents
as our partners in business.

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As the largest title agency in Illinois, Greater Illinois Title Company provides a single point of contact for all title and closing related services. Our mission is to view all customers as partners in business. Customizable products and services provided by experienced professionals help GIT customers attain greater efficiency, tighter production times and forward-thinking responses to smooth out the closing process.

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