NTSGGreater Illinois Title Company announced that it has formed a new division, the National Title Services Group ™ (NTSG) to streamline its growing national business through a separate business unit. NTSG will provide new opportunities for out-of-state residential and commercial title business development and will provide full service title insurance and settlement services for real estate transactions nationwide.

GIT now writes title insurance policies and can handle closings directly in five states: Illinois, Iowa,  Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. With the NTSG in place and operating, and through our national resources with bothChicago Title and Old Republic National Title, GIT can now coordinate transactions in any of the other 45 states seamlessly and through a single point of contact for clients.

Greater Indiana Title Company, a subsidiary of Greater Illinois Title Company, will be opening an office in Munster, IN by the end of June and will follow with an office in Merriville, IN by the end of July.

The NTSG will be headed up by Guy P. Lundstrom, Senior Vice President, a thirty year veteran of the title industry. He will be assisted by Dan Hyma, Vice President, a twenty five year veteran. NTSG will coordinate commercial title clearance, commercial escrow closing matters and commercial underwriting decisions for GIT’s expanding national business.

GIT will be operating through the following entities:


Illinois:         Greater Illinois Title Company

Iowa:             Greater Illinois Title Company

Indiana:        Greater Indiana Title Company

Wisconsin:  Greater Wisconsin Title Company

Michigan:     GIT Michigan Title Services


All companies will offer title insurance policies underwritten by Chicago Title Insurance Company and Old Republic Title Insurance Company. All title order requests should be referred to Guy and Dan who will be managing the NTSG™. The National Title Services Group™ will process all title orders outside of Illinois.

NTSG can be reached at ntsg@gitc.com or at 312.264.5000.


Please feel free to contact me any time with any questions.


Gregory M. Kosin




Email: Greg.Kosin@gitc.com